40 Free DIY Farmhouse Table Plans to Give the Rustic Feel to Your Dining Room

Farmhouse style decor is hot today. Even people who live in urban areas are decorating their house with this style. It’s because the farmhouse style will bring the warm feeling to any home. If you want to get started with farmhouse decor, one of the easiest ways is with a farmhouse dining table. Why? Because some of the best memories a family can have come from conversations and activities that happened around the dining table. My best memories are definitely times I’ve spent preparing food for canning around our kitchen table. That’s why it’s the best place to start. But there’s one problem: farmhouse furniture are crazy expensive. Which is funny because if you’re a crafty one—and on a tight budget—you can actually build a DIY farmhouse table without spending a lot of money. For that reason, today we’re going to give you 40 farmhouse table plans and ideas from all over the internet.

Refinishing A Table: How I Brought My Beat Up End Table Back to Life!

A lot of us have furniture pieces that we can’t part with for sentimental reasons even if we don’t love how they look, right?! And while I’m all about painting wood furniture that you might score at a flea market or on Craigslist (like my master bedroom headboard), I can’t bring myself to paint old furniture pieces that hold special meaning. Case in point… this dark, round side table that’s been sitting in our living room doing nothing but blending into the dark corner since the day we moved in:I bought this little lady during my “mahogany phase” about 20 years ago when I thought that dark, reddish mahogany colored wood was where it was at! Kinda funny considering that I steer 100% clear of it when looking at furniture pieces now. From a distance, it looks like she’s in pretty good shape but a closer look reveals this – lots and lots of scratches: And they happened in a bit of a bizarre way. We used to have this side table sitting in our living room by a window overlooking the front yard in our old house. One day when our family was out front, our previous dog (also a sweet Boston terrier but without Hope’s good manners!) was so upset that she wasn’t part of the action going on out the window that she hopped up on this table and scratched the heck out of it. I was so upset. It was the first nice piece of furniture my husband and I bought together and I vividly remember my excitement in finally buying something that didn’t come from IKEA or as part of a six-piece set from Value City. So needless to say, this piece holds a lot of sentimental value. Soon after our dog damaged it, I got an estimate for getting it refinished but it was too expensive so I decided that at some point in the future I’d try refinishing it myself.

85 Ooh La La Marble Top Coffee Table

When I first purchased our coffee table, I knew I would be doing something to it. The original off-the-shelf version was just that; off-the-shelf typical. You may remember spotting it in our sofa story post last month. I purchased the table for $50 from IKEA, and defaulted to this table after endless searches left me with little that fit our apartment size sectional and budget. My initial thought was to spray paint the frame gold and call it a day, but after spotting a few marble topped tables, I thought that look would be a bit more glam and sophisticated. I made the decision to do the marble top a few months ago after spotting a few of my favorite people using some marble contact paper to transform surfaces in their home {see Courtney's counter here, Kirsten's side table here and Style Me Pretty's end table here}. But when I looked at the price tag for the marble contact paper, I nearly passed out. $65 per roll. Then, after looking and looking and looking some more, I decided to order an inexpensive option instead. When it arrived at my door, it was not at all glam, chic or sophisticated. It had grey, cream and beige running through and there was very little marbling detail present. Realizing that the cost of the contact paper plus the cost of the coffee table would still bring me in far under typical marble topped tables {which often range from $300-$800}, I finally took the plunge and ordered the expensive paper.

38 DIY Dining Room Tables

This past year, I realized I spend more time in my kitchen and at my dining room table than just about anywhere in my house. (Especially because my craft projects sometimes take over my kitchen table ? If this is the case at your home, if you entertain a lot, or if you simply love beautiful decor and furnishings, you absolutely have to check out this cool list of DIY dining room tables. Complete with step by step instructions for easy follow along making, these awesome tables are pretty easy to make, and perfect for those on a budget or looking to really wow guests with their creativity and flair for selecting awesome home decor.

Top 10 Best Coffee Table Decor Ideas

The living room is an area where we spend the most of our free time when we’re home. Family get-together, watching TV or reading a good book – this is the place to be! As a result of the notes we’ve mentioned before, this is the room that deserves our complete effort to be decorated in the best possible way. If you want to have a place that reflects all your emotions and feels like home, you must achieve that goal on your own, there are no escapes! The coffee table is the center of every living room, so here is a collection of Top 10 Best Coffee Table Decor Ideas that are sure to inspire. Check out the list and find the perfect solution for you, there is something for everyone’s taste!