28 Amazing ideas for DIY ecological coffee tables

The coffee table is usually located in the center of the room, which means that they do not go unnoticed in the decoration of our room. If you want originality and choose an ecological and sustainable option, do not miss this selection of recycled tables. The first thing you have to be clear before choosing the material of your recycled table is the use that you are going to give it. There are people who only use the coffee tables as decorative support to put vases with flowers or other ornaments …

16 DIY Coffee Table Projects

These DIY coffee table projects have step by step instructions with each of these furniture ideas. Use repurposed materials, reclaimed wood or use an old coffee for an upcycling project. These easy DIY furniture projects compliment both rustic home decor and modern home decor. Make any of these unique coffee tables with these quick and easy tutorials to guide you through the process. Complete with step by step tutorials, these cool coffee tables can be made in a weekend. From farmhouse and vintage looks to modern and simple looks, you are sure to find the perfect table here for your decor.

How to Style a Coffee Table

Happy August all, it’s me again, Cecilia from Home with Keki, and I am going to share with you my easy tips for styling your coffee table. Now, summer is coming to an end soon, and if you live in the midwest, like me, that means a lot of time stuck inside your home. That is why I love spending time now styling parts of my home, like tabletops, so I can enjoy it come the long winter months ahead. Coffee table styling has always been one of my most popular topics with clients because it can truly take a living room from drab to fab in minutes. I truly believe that people’s biggest mistake is not having the confidence to “over do it.” Follow these steps to styling your coffee table and I know you will enjoy it.

32 Incredibly stylish and inspiring Easter table centerpiece ideas

These charming Easter table centerpieces are full of inspiration to get you ready for your Easter brunch or dinner parties in holiday style. Celebrate the arrival of spring with our fresh and bright ideas to decorate your table. Decorate with fresh floral centerpieces, such as tulips, daffodils, paperwhites, snowdrops and gerberas, compliment with some moss and wheatgrass for greenery. This will add some brilliant color to your table and create the perfect eye-catching centerpiece. Don’t forget to consider a table runner, linens, placeholders, Easter bunnies, painted eggs and perhaps some colorful tableware to add to your festive atmosphere. Get your Easter party hopping with these brilliant and stylish ideas that we have put together for you and get inspired!

30+ Perfect Valentine’s Day Romantic Dining Table Decor Ideas For Two People

The most important thing to keep in mind while decorating a dinner table is to create a romantic and cozy feeling. The table setting should be arranged for two people as the day is celebrated as couples. Fill the air with love by decorating an intimate dinner table. To get started, place to chairs in the opposite ends of the table. A card table will be a perfect choice because it is small and the distance between the lovers will be minimal. The person should be able to reach to the other end of the table. Use a smooth and crisp tablecloth that is white or red, you can find it in a linen closet. The main motive behind the cloth is that it should cover the whole table and must touch the floor. The next thing to do for building a valentine table is to fix the table with the best and finest china dishes. If you don’t have any, then use whatever is available. Mixing the dishes that have matching patterns is a good option. Place some plates on top of the other and make a pair of goblets and wine glass. Use forks, spoon and knives that is silver and those which are matching while decorating the table.