Cabinet Storage & Organization Ideas From Our New Kitchen!

It’s been so much fun to share the details of our kitchen renovation with you guys over the past few weeks but you still haven’t seen one of my favorite things about it – the behind-the-scenes (or actually behind-the-cabinets ? ) storage and organizational features! I LOVE smart organization. Closet systems, desk organizers, labeled storage bins… you name it, if it’s something that’s organizing my home a little better, it makes me happy. Other than having a much larger pantry, my new kitchen has about the same amount of storage space as my previous one did but I can fit SO much more inside my cabinets because of the design of MasterBrand Cabinets’ Diamond line of cabinets along with the storage and organizational features packed inside. I’m so glad that I was able to partner with them for my kitchen renovation and am excited to be opening up my cabinet doors and drawers so you can see all of the reasons why. Let’s kick things off with the cabinet feature that I’ve gotten the most questions about…
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