30+ Outstanding Bathroom Design With Stunning Wood Shades

Remember those old woven shades? When you wanted to raise one, you had to roll it up by hand like a humungous burrito and then while holding the unruly beast in place, secure it with a hand-tied knot. There were virtually no colors to choose from; I remember maybe three. And, matchstick bamboo was practically the only style. That was then and this is now. Natural woven woods are now chic and cool and come in a tantalizing, almost mind-boggling array of styles, colors, textures, features and options. When choosing woven wood shades these days, you have to do your homework. A good place for guidance and enlightenment is the internet and the various internet retailers. Consider the ones that sell multiple lines of natural woven woods by nationally recognized blind and shade manufacturers. To help decide if woven wood shades are the right choice for you, the following is a summary of the significant components and options:

20+ Affordable Towel Ideas For Best Bathroom Inspiration

There is nothing quite worse than stepping out of your bath of shower into a freezing cold bathroom or onto a chilly tiled floor. The best way to combat this is to have installed a heated towel rail or towel radiator. Most people assume that this is a major overhaul in your bathroom but the reality of it is that this could be a lot easier than you think (and importantly cost a lot less). The other option you do have is under floor heating which although can be comforting can also be very expensive and would also require a lot of work to be done in your bathroom – just imagine having to rip up all the floor tiles or linoleum and you get an idea of the mess that could be created if you went down this route.

20+ Inspiring Bathroom Decoration Ideas With Wooden Storage

Your bathroom is the place where you relax and unwind. It must be decorated and themed such that it emanates and warm, welcoming and calm feel. Clutter destroys the appeal of a bathroom. It also means that you spend a long time looking for something and end up frustrated rather than relaxed. This is where a bathroom wall storage cabinet can help you. You can arrange different items like towels, tissue paper, razors, shaving foam, hair dryers, soaps, toothpaste, tooth brush, medicines etc neatly in a bathroom wall storage cabinet. Few points to keep in mind while buying or making a bathroom wall storage cabinet are the style, functionality, space factor and of course accessibility. Wall cabinets mounted over the sink or the toilet are easily accessible by adults. You can also place cabinets in corers or other pints along the wall. Just make sure that they can be accessed easily.

30+ Scary Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Bathroom

The Halloween season has arrived and you definitely don’t want to be caught unprepared! The Halloween season is truly the season for amazing parties, far out costumes and a whole lot of fun. But sometimes the price tag puts serious limitations on the amount of fun that you can get from a Halloween celebration. With the prices of commodities going up at alarming rates, it’s very hard to shell out your hard-earned cash on luxuries like Halloween decorations. Does that mean that you should have a drab and uninteresting Halloween because of cash constraints? Not so! You should never let a tight budget get in the way of a good time. If you really want an amazing look for your pad this Halloween here are a few homemade solutions that would make even MacGuyver proud:

30+ Beautiful Winter Themed Bathroom Decoration Ideas

If you want your home décor themes to show off your personal style and impress all of your visitors, you can find great ideas for home décor themes online. The internet offers a wide selection of possible home décor themes to choose from, and with the right home décor themes, your home can really be a place you enjoy, as well as one with the style and class you can be proud of. As few items of merchandise as there are for your bathroom, those items may be exactly what make your bathroom stand out. You can coordinate your bathroom décor so that it looks great and feels welcoming for your guests. The home décor you choose for your bathroom is going to be very important for the overall look of your home. If you want to go with anything from fishes to disco home décor themes for your bathroom, you are sure to find great ideas online, so have a look around.