63 Sensational bathrooms with natural stone walls

Stone wall bathrooms add texture, color and pattern with a modern rustic appeal that is very natural and eco-friendly yet luxurious at the same time. Stone is a great material for to design your bathroom with, it is long-lasting and easy to find. There are a variety of finishes that can be applied to dimension stone to achieve diverse architectural and aesthetic effects. These finishes include, but are not limited to polished and honed finishes, and more textured finishes such as bush-hammered, sandblasted, and thermal. There are many ideas on how to apply stone into your bathroom design scheme, such as a floor to ceiling accent wall, stone flooring, stone countertops, stone showers, a stone wall above a built-in bathtub, the options are limitless. Stone bathtubs look amazing and warm, and so do the washbasins. Rough stone creates a rustic atmosphere with a natural twist and sleek stone adds luxury and elegance.
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