30+ Newest Vertical Bathroom Storage And Organization Ideas

The carpenter side of me shudders when I see metal cabinets, but they do have a few advantages that make them a good choice in this particular situation. For one thing, they have more usable space inside than a wood cabinet of the same outside dimensions and are good for recessed installations because the sides of the cabinet will be hidden in the wall. Metal cabinets are also good for unobtrusive recessed installations when a vanity is set into a mirrored alcove; the metal cabinet can provide storage in the side wall to compensate for the fully mirrored surface directly behind the vanity.

So the typical storage gives you places for the little stuff and the bulkier stuff you want hidden, but where do you put extra towels and washcloths? A linen cabinet or built-in linen closet is a good way to provide storage for this type of item. In many cases, a linen cabinet can be accommodated by making the vanity smaller and placing a matching full-height cabinet right next to it. Large countertops just tend to collect clutter anyway, while a linen cabinet’s smaller vertically arranged shelves are more efficient and make more items easily accessible.
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