38 DIY Living Room Decor Ideas

Does your living room need some decor to go with your obligatory sofa and TV? When I realized my living room was the most important room in the house and had so few furnishing compared to other rooms, I got to work. Looking for ideas, rather. I was not sure what I should put with what I had, or even what was in style these days. I wanted something modern but also rustic and love super creative ideas. I put together this awesome list of 38 DIY ideas for your living room, and some of them are simply brilliant. From awesome wall art to coffee tables to lamps to benches for extra seating, you are sure to find some cool ideas you want to make this weekend. All are complete with easy to follow step by step tutorials, so for DIY furniture and accents that get noticed, these brilliant ideas are some of the best around. Some of my favorite projects for the most important room in the house are actually simple, easy DIY living room decor ideas that just take a few minutes to make but add maximum impact and style.
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