Cozy cottage farmhouse style dwelling in the California foothills

This 1970’s home underwent a complete overhaul, into a calm cozy cottage farmhouse cabin by Jenna Sue Design Co., located in the California foothills. Jenna is a designer and a print maker, creating graphic prints that are ready for framing and decorating your walls, which she sells on her website as well as Etsy. The designer and her husband found this home perched on a hill with sweeping views of the valley below. The 2,500 square foot diamond in the rough went through some major renovations, starting with the kitchen from the moment they received the key. From there, the dwelling got updated one room at a time, including the living room, kitchen, home office, guest bathroom, master bedroom, laundry room, a downstairs movie room, and the outside terrace. The designer still has more work underway, with bathrooms and her husband’s home office, always a work in progress. Her beautiful decorating style is consistent with the home’s surroundings, infusing an eclecticism of each style, which seems to be the mainstay no matter what the season. The designer has fun changing up her home seasonally, with springtime showcasing a romantic shabby chic cottage vibe, with soft, pastel hues. Jenna’s home is full of budget finds and DIY’ing, creating a lovely home surrounded by rugged mountains and a relaxing California lifestyle. We are absolutely crushing on this home renovation! Jenna has done an amazing job with the finishes, fixtures, furnishings and all of the decorations, really pulling the home together to be very homey and downright cozy! What do you think, do you love Jenna’s decorating style?
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