White Modern Farmhouse Home Tour

Brian Wilkinson is a metal fabricator and custom furniture designer living his best life in North Carolina with his wife Becky and three beautiful daughters. He found a blog post of mine, 15 Beautiful White Farmhouses on Pinterest and reached out to see if I’d like to share a tour of his gorgeous, custom-built white farmhouse with all of you! Um…yes please! We would love to see it! (And if you like to look at white farmhouses be sure to check out the post that led Brian my way!)

Brian worked together with Henderson Custom Homes to design this incredibly unique contemporary home, but as you’ll soon see this isn’t your typical industrial farmhouse. This home is more like Soho Loft meets Modern Farmhouse!

The first thing I noticed about the beautiful exterior is the gas fireplace in the center of the porch! ? I’ve often seen outdoor fireplaces in backyards and patios, but what a unique and cozy idea to make the fireplace the focal point at the front of the home! Brian and Becky often enjoy porch sitting and the fireplace ensures a cozy and warm space year round.
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