Refinishing A Table: How I Brought My Beat Up End Table Back to Life!

A lot of us have furniture pieces that we can’t part with for sentimental reasons even if we don’t love how they look, right?! And while I’m all about painting wood furniture that you might score at a flea market or on Craigslist (like my master bedroom headboard), I can’t bring myself to paint old furniture pieces that hold special meaning. Case in point… this dark, round side table that’s been sitting in our living room doing nothing but blending into the dark corner since the day we moved in:I bought this little lady during my “mahogany phase” about 20 years ago when I thought that dark, reddish mahogany colored wood was where it was at! Kinda funny considering that I steer 100% clear of it when looking at furniture pieces now. From a distance, it looks like she’s in pretty good shape but a closer look reveals this – lots and lots of scratches:

And they happened in a bit of a bizarre way. We used to have this side table sitting in our living room by a window overlooking the front yard in our old house. One day when our family was out front, our previous dog (also a sweet Boston terrier but without Hope’s good manners!) was so upset that she wasn’t part of the action going on out the window that she hopped up on this table and scratched the heck out of it. I was so upset. It was the first nice piece of furniture my husband and I bought together and I vividly remember my excitement in finally buying something that didn’t come from IKEA or as part of a six-piece set from Value City. So needless to say, this piece holds a lot of sentimental value. Soon after our dog damaged it, I got an estimate for getting it refinished but it was too expensive so I decided that at some point in the future I’d try refinishing it myself.
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