22 Reader Space: Green and Graceful Laundry Closet

I know that some of you wanted to egg and toilet paper my house the day I painted over our green living room, but it was such an eye opening, space expanding difference when our kitchen and living room had cohesive paint colors. However, I do miss that green paint. And I am still hoping to bring it back into our home in some shape or form down the road. Until then, I am going to drool over Maria's green laundry room closet instead.

I focus on a lot of things around here, but it is safe to say that organization and color are two primary elements of this blog. The perfect pairing to Maria's laundry closet, which touches on color, organization and so much more. In fact, I initially thought I was looking at an entire laundry room, when in fact, it is a standard closet behind bifold doors. That tells the story of the power of paint, great lighting and smart storage solutions. Maria is visiting us today from her personal blog, Graceful Order, to share more details about why she hearts her laundry room how she made it function big.
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