DIY Floating Corner Shelves in Our Kitchen - All the Details!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! I’m trying to hit the ground running today to catch up after being away in Hawaii all of last week for spring break – it was my first time visiting and was definitely an unforgettable trip. I’ll share some pics with you soon on the blog in case you missed them on Instagram Stories!

Today I’m sharing all the details about the floating corner shelves in our kitchen because I’ve gotten so many questions about them since the reveal of our kitchen remodel. When designing our kitchen, I had something very specific in mind for the open shelving and there was nothing pre-made that came close to it so my contractor (Reszoly Builders) and I tag teamed to DIY it! My shelves ended up being one of my favorite things about our new space so I wanted to share the step by step how-to for those of you who would like to bring this look into your home too! And even if you’re not planning on adding new shelves to your home any time soon, you might enjoy taking a peek at the pics near the end of the post with some new spring shelf styling finds and my thoughts on having open shelving in a kitchen
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