My Kitchen Renovation Must-Haves: Ideas & Inspiration

I’ve been kinda quiet on the blog lately because I’ve been working away behind the scenes planning a makeover that I couldn’t be more excited about – a renovation of our kitchen! Can you believe I’ve never had a chance to design my own kitchen before? My only kitchen design experience is the quickie remodel we did in our second house when we decided to stop renting it and sell it (you can check out that budget kitchen remodel {here}) and all of the decisions were made with resale and budget in mind. I also got to select the cabinets, countertops, etc. that went into the kitchen of our very first house but that was 15+ years ago when we were just starting out so those choices were basically made based on the design center’s answer to our recurring question of “Which one is the cheapest?” :).

While I don’t have any of my kitchen design plans set in stone yet, I’ve definitely figured out certain elements that I’d like to incorporate into our kitchen and thought it’d be fun to share those with you guys today. Luckily I have blogging friends with some seriously gorgeous kitchens to draw inspiration from – I’ve included links to their full kitchen tours so when you see one that inspires you, hop over and take a peek around their entire space. Let’s get rolling with my kitchen makeover must-haves starting with…
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